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Pennington Collision has the finest quality automobile repair service that you can find. When you get your car or truck repaired by us, you get top auto repair technology with first-class services at a great price. Since you deserve the best, we offer you nothing less than excellent quality. Visit us or call (248)689-0345 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to mention you saw us online!

Pennington Collision is a full service, import and domestic car, light truck and fleet vehicle repair shop. All repair and maintenance work is done in-house by loyal and experienced auto technicians. We do all the work on premise, specializing in all types of repairs jobs, big and small. We handle all cars, vans, standard pick-ups, and most light-duty work trucks. We've been in business since 1968 and have over 40 years experience providing quality auto repair services to the Detroit Metro area.




Personal Bios



Owner Ed Pennington:


I have been working for Pennington Collision since 1978. I started working with my Dad when I was sixteen years old, and have been here for thirty-two years. I grew up fixing corvettes and painting small jobs in general; following in my fathers footsteps. I have always been interested in cars but also have a passion for my family, golf, and my church softball team. My family and I attend Community Christian Church in Sterling Heights. 

Being the owner of Pennington Collision is a constant challenge in this changing auto industry.  When my dad first started the business we worked on corvettes, custom show car builds, and insurance repairs. We still do corvettes and some custom work, but in this economy the general public has a different set of priorities. 

 I stay up to date and gain the most current knowledge by attending Management Classes and Refinish Training Seminars.

What you should know as a consumer: By law, everyone is allowed to have their car repaired at the business of their choice. Your insurance company may strongly suggest another body shop, but the decision is yours. Ask yourself this, would you rather have your car fixed by someone you’ve never heard of, or by a shop that has been serving Oakland and Macomb County since 1968?


General Manager Rick Spranger:

I have been working for Pennington Collision since 1979, and have been working here now for 31 years. Growing up, I was childhood friends with Ed and was interested in anything that had to deal with cars. I attended the Sterling Heights Career Prep Center for two years, focusing in auto body. While attending school, I also worked as an apprentice for two years at different auto shops to gain knowledge about the industry. When I was 17, I came to work as a porter and eventually moved my way up to a Body Technician at Pennington Collision. In 1998 I became the General Manager. Along with cars, I have a passion for boating, mountain/road biking, and spending time with my children.

Being the Manager of Pennington Collision is challenging at times due to the changing auto industry. When I first started, we were working mostly on corvettes and custom show car builds. Most of our work now is insurance repair jobs, lease turn in repairs and customers who still want quality over quick mediocre work. 

I stay up to date and gain the most current knowledge by attending Management Classes and Refinish Training Seminars.

What you should know as a consumer: Often today your insurance company tries to direct you to a shop that they get discounts from and have a controlling interest over. Our goal over 42 years is to build relationships with our customers and offer quality repair at a fair price. It is important to come to us when you are using your insurance, or if you have to pay out of pocket and are looking for an economical quality repair.



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